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Supporting school improvement across a local area

Will the programme be open to PVI settings?

How does NELI compare or fit alongside other language interventions?

Isn’t it children across the whole of the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5yrs) that need language input? Shouldn’t money go there?

Could this be used with Year 1 pupils in the autumn term who have not achieved GLD in the relevant areas?

Is there any evaluation of NELI as a virtual intervention?

When will the nursery language enrichment programme be available?

Is LanguageScreen for use with PVI/Nursery or is it aimed specifically at Reception?

Where/ how is LanguageScreen available?

Is there the option to deliver the screening tool without using the tablet for children who rely on lip reading and live voice?

With the intensity of the programme, can it sit alongside phonics intervention programmes which some schools may already have in place?

Where can we find the training?

Is there any impact on the wider class due to the TA regularly delivering the small group and 1:1 sessions?

Are we able to see the questions that the children are asked within the language screen please?

How does LanguageScreen recognise children for whom English is not their first language?

We know a higher proportion of children in deprived areas enter school with speech, language and communication needs. Is there a system that allows these schools to offer NELI to more than one group of children in each class?

How do you select which children to target intervention to, or is it a whole class intervention process?

If schools register by July will the capacity to provide materials be ok?

If a school has registered for NELI this year and want to continue next year do they need to re-register?

For the next academic year is it just Maintained schools who can register?

How many schools in England do you expect to reach with this year's £8m investment?

Has the new "first come, first served" sign up for the new year been publicised to schools or is this something you would like LAs to publicise?

Is it possible for Nursery settings (no reception children) to sign up but just for the early language training (minus course delivery parts)?

Is there any funding available for schools and settings to support pre-reception language interventions?

Can a school sign up to the DfE funded sessions even if they have a TA already trained (self-funded by the school)?

Only 5 children have been chosen from reception in one of my schools. Is that typical?

As TA time with the class is reduced because they spend more time with the NELI pupils, does this have an impact on the rest of the pupils in the class? Could we have further details with regard as to how this research around impact on the rest of the class has been undertaken?

What is the cost of the screener and the programme?

Can NELI be conducted with a whole class of 5/6 reception pupils who have SEND if they all meet the criteria?

Is it possible for colleagues working across schools at local authority level to have access to the training?

Where can I get the list of signed-up schools for my LA?

Are ELKLAN involved in delivering NELI training for the roll out?

For more information, you may wish to watch the recording of our online webinar hosted for colleagues who support with school improvement or children’s language and communication across a local area.

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