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What is LanguageScreen?

LanguageScreen is an assessment tool to track the progress of pupils' oral language skills and identify children who would benefit from more support through interventions like NELI.

How does LanguageScreen Work?

LanguageScreen is a quick-to-administer, tablet-based assessment to provide an accurate measure of a child’s oral language ability. It’s fun for children, requires no paper marking and is suitable for ages 3½ to 11 years.

Evidence and Development

LanguageScreen is a fast, effective way to screen children. Research shows that a 10-minute LanguageScreen assessment is similar in accuracy to a 30-minute traditional paper assessment.

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Assessment Results

LanguageScreen provides instant results for individual children and the whole class. Standard scores express a child’s performance in relation to their age, with a traffic light system making these easy to understand and interpret.

LanguageScreen app

Additional Assessment Apps

OxEd and Assessment also provide additional assessment apps to complement the NELI Programme, including ReadingScreen to assess and diagnose pupils reading skills and the soon-to-be-launched MathsScreen.

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