How does LanguageScreen work?

LanguageScreen is a simple digital assessment administered by teachers and TAs that accurately assesses pupils speaking and listening skills for schools to track individual and whole class progress and identify children requiring additional language support.

LanguageScreen assesses four key areas of language: Expressive Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension, Receptive Vocabulary, Sentence Repetition. Each assessment takes just 10-15 minutes to complete.


When should schools assess with LanguageScreen?

Schools should assess their classes with LanguageScreen at the start and end of the year, so they see the progress all pupils have made throughout the year. LanguageScreen is a great complement to teacher judgement, often identifying children whose language difficulties may have been missed in the busy classroom.

We recommend that schools reassess the class before they break up for the summer. This allows a clear measure of the impact of the NELI intervention on those children receiving it. and importantly also allows teachers to understand how the oral language skills of all children have developed over the year.

What our NELI schools say:

We have used Language Screen this year and it is spot on! These are students that we just can’t pinpoint what has challenged them in their learning. We have noticed that they are the students that have flagged on Language Screen. Looking at our Language Screen data has really helped us understand how to support those students better.” Tara L

I have assessed all my Reception Class and found Language Screen to be very efficient and the reports are very effective for identifying children at risk of underdeveloped language skills.” Sue R

I think it’s brilliant, managed to assess all class before Christmas. Very straight forward and easy to follow, the children enjoyed completing it and was engaged throughout the whole process.” Sarah N

It was an eye opener to do the screening myself and to screen all my class. The difference I noticed already, in my own perception of what I thought the child would cope with and how the child did during the screening was very interesting. Especially because some of the children that I thought would find this easy really struggled to keep the information in their head and struggled with the longer sentences.” Michele N

The testing is quick and simply to use. One piece of equipment (IPAD) and a quiet area is all that is needed. No need for lots of resources. Children enjoy the 1:1 time and it is engaging for them we found.” Nicky F

I love the fact that the questions are pre-recorded, so every child is asked the questions in the exact same format. No room for errors.” Pam M


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