NELI Delivery Area

Here we share key information and materials to help your school deliver the NELI programme to pupils including:

Quick Guide to Getting Started

We’ve put together a quick guide for you to use to ensure you and your school are set up for success with the NELI programme. This guide is for getting started with the core elements of the NELI programme – LanguageScreen assessments, CPD-accredited online training and the NELI intervention.

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Step-by-step guide to starting your NELI delivery

This section guides you through the first few weeks of the NELI intervention. Whether you’re a seasoned NELI practitioner or beginning your first NELI sessions these guidelines will help you make the most of your NELI sessions.

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Involving Parents and Carers in NELI

Getting parents and carers involved in their child’s learning can be key to a child’s success at school and getting them involved in their child’s experience of NELI is no exception. To encourage this, we have created a range of newsletters for parents and carers, from an initial introductory welcome letter, through newsletters for individual NELI sessions and a final end of year wrap-up.

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Downloadable elements of NELI Resource Pack

NELI includes a comprehensive pack of physical resources to support with delivering the programme to pupils. Some elements of that resource pack are available to download here, such as the Days of the Week board or Best Listener badges.  You will also find Sound Effects used in Part 1 Session 22, and various record forms such as the Assessment for Narrative Speech and Grammar.

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What to do when you reach the halfway point

As you approach the end of the first 10 weeks of the NELI intervention, it’s worthwhile taking a moment to review your next steps. This section guides you through which assessments to repeat with pupils, and reminds you of what training to complete, before starting the second 10 weeks.

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