Involving parents and carers in NELI

Getting parents and carers involved in their child’s learning can be key to a child’s success at school and getting them involved in their child’s experience of NELI is no exception.

To encourage this, we have created a range of newsletters for parents and carers, from an initial introductory welcome letter, through newsletters for individual NELI sessions and a final end of year wrap-up.

1. Welcome Letter to Parents and Carers

You can use this introductory NELI Letter to Parents and Carers to let them know that their child has been invited to take part in NELI in school. Click the image below to download the Welcome Letter:

2. Weekly Newsletters

We’ve also prepared a series of weekly Newsletters to show parents and carers what their children have been up to during NELI sessions. Starting with this Welcome newsletter. Click on the image to download the Welcome newsletter:

Welcome to NELI News

And then one Newsletter for each week. Click on the image to download each weekly Newsletter:

NELI News 1 NELI News 2 NELI News 3 NELI News 4 NELI News 5
NELI News 6 NELI News 7 NELI News 8 NELI News 9 NELI News 10
NELI News 11 NELI News 12 NELI News 13 NELI News 14 NELI News 15
NELI News 16 NELI News 17 NELI News 18 NELI News 19 NELI News 20


3. Certificate of Acheivement

Give your pupils a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the NELI intervention. This will help them to feel proud of their efforts and is also something that they can take home to show parents/carers, hopefully providing more opportunities for praise and encouragement of their hard work. Click on the image to download the certificate:

NELI Certificate of Acheivement

4. End of NELI newsletter

Finally, here is an End of NELI newsletter which you can adapt for your own setting. Simply copy and paste the text from the PDF into a Word document and adapt it according to the needs of your classroom. Click on the image to download the End of NELI Newsletter:

End of NELI