NELI Preschool

NELI Preschool is a new nursery-delivered oral language enrichment and intervention programme for children in the year before they enter formal education.  The programme provides a 20-week evidence-based language intervention for all children, as well as additional targeted support for the children who need it the most.  The programme:

NELI Preschool: Teacher testimonies

Teachers and nursery practitioners who delivered the programme in trials highly praised the programme for its clear structure and high-quality material, the impact it had on children, as well as the broader impact it had on reducing overall staff workload, and much more.

Here are some things nursery practitioners and managers had to say about the programme.

We are now recruiting for an effectiveness trial!

We are looking for state-maintained and PVIs (private, voluntary and independent provider) interested in taking part in our effectiveness trial from Autumn 2024 to Summer 2025. You may be eligible to take part if you: