Assessment Results

The reporting available with LanguageScreen has been designed to make it as simple and easy-as-possible for all school staff to interpret the results and identify any relevant next steps needed. Results are shown for both the individual child and summarised as a class. LanguageScreen scores are standardised against a database of half a million assessments making them highly accurate.

Assessment Reports

Reports are generated automatically and will be instantly available in your school’s OxEd account. Standard scores express a child’s performance in relation to their age. The average Standard Score for any age group is 100. Half of children of any age are expected to get a score at or above 100, and half a score at or below 100.

LanguageScreen Report p1

A traffic lights system makes it easy to understand these scores: Green indicates that a child’s language skills are not a cause for concern. Amber suggests a child may benefit from support in developing their language skills. Red suggests a child definitely needs support in developing their language skills.

Reports can also be filtered by date range, classes or year groups.

LanguageScreen Report p2

The report includes individual pupil pages, which detail the assessment results for each child.

This individual page can be shared with the pupil’s parents and carers if they wish to view the assessment results.

LanguageScreen pupil page